Discover the perfect Business Environment

Discover the perfect Business Environment

Discover the perfect Business Environment

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Xinhua Mall

Xinhua Mall is the first trendiest Mall in Lahore built-in 2001, it was one of the first mall in Lahore that delivered excellent services to its customer by providing the leisure of shopping, food, entertainment under one roof. Xinhua Mall is ideally situated in the heart of Lahore which is on Mian Mehmood Ali Kasoori Road, Gulberg III easily accessible from all major roads and highways. Xinhua Mall has been designed to meet international standards, Xinhua Is popular among Lahoris for its exclusive/Irreplaceable interior with more than 50 international and national brands. A place where you can buy all your dream brands. We always come up with unique and exciting ideas to engage and entertain customers by celebrating all festivals. Indeed, a great place to visit with friends and family.

Xin mall

Xinmall is set to transform the commercial landscape of Sargodha. The super regional Mall combines a selection of curated stores that bring in retail, leisure, entertainment and dining along with a variety of seamless services.
CEO of Xinhua Mall Lahore
Mr. Malik Nadeem Shahzad is the Founder & CEO of Xinhua Mall Lahore, the first trendiest Mall of Lahore built-in 2001. A business-centered person with great management skills. Strong minded and innovative Pakistani businessman who is always determined to do something different and exciting indeed an inspiring role model for all those looking to do the same. His extraordinary vision is the key tool behind the Xinhua group success. Being a proud Pakistani, he played an effective role in economy by giving his best in real estate sector. With his great leadership skills Mr. Nadeem Malik leads his team towards success. A man with great entrepreneurial skills leading multiple projects in Pakistan.
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